The story of Acapulco Chairs



In the 1950s and '60s, Acapulco became the hot destination for jet setters. Images from the time depict a glamorous, fun beach town in full technicolour.

The rat pack vacationed there, Liz Taylor got married (again) there, Jackie and John Kennedy honeymooned there. And at some point during that special era the Acapulco chair was formed.

The romanticism of this chair doesn’t end there. Our Acapulco chair is sourced in Guadalajara from architect and designer team Marco and Sofia.  They wanted to keep the spirit of the chair alive and importantly, local. So they set out to find the best traditional Mayan weaver in the area and made him the head of logistics for the company.

A family orientated business they explore techniques and materials to create pieces that incorporate modern, long-lasting materials, with traditional Mexican craftsmanship, boosting their passion for design and leading them to evolve into an established, committed enterprise.

The chairs woven design is not only durable but stylish and incredibly comfortable as it allows cool air to circulate on a hot summer’s day, keeping the user cool.

In all its iterations, the Acapulco chair shows its roots in folk design, modernism and tropical Hollywood glamour.

Check out the series of Acapulco chairs, you’ll love it! 


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